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I’m building some tools to help people working with data to get work done faster and easier. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please leave a comment below. Most of these tools (if not all) will be provided for free, on a “as is” basis. You are welcome to change, hack and reuse them (commercially) provided you do not change the author information contained within.

Google Analytics Management Magic Script v1.0

Updated: 22th August 2013

Google Spreadsheet scripts that use the Management API to retrieve accounts, web properties, profiles, goals and segments from Google Analytics. It’s a one-stop workbook for everything from quick account audit, goal and segment setup verification and more.

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The Google Analytics admin dashboard is great but configuring and managing multiple accounts, properties and profiles increases the risk of human error significantly. This tool aims to tackle that. It uses the magic of Google Spreadsheets to connect to Google Analytics Management API.

This allows you to:

  • Quickly view all profile settings for particular account/web properties.
  • Compare settings for different profiles, or drill down to a particular one.
  • Get all PAGE and EVENT based goals for overview or verification with all their settings, steps, expression, values etc
  • Get all segments with segment ID, name, regex expression.
  • Quickly identify the ID number for any account, web property or profile.
  • Access a wealth of data which you can then reuse with the Google Analytics Core Reporting API.
How to use

You can find instructions on the Instructions sheet in the Google Spreadsheet (haven’t opened it yet? get it now)

Known bugs

No bugs that I’m aware of, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Please email me if you find one.

Known API issues

If timezone has never been changed via the Google Analytics interface the API retrieves it as ‘America/Lost Angeles’


Free to use, make changes and use commercially provided you do not change the author information.