Website Builder Advice
How to Make a Website Good for Everyone

Becoming a website builder involves either learning to make a website on your own, from start to finish, or using online and offline site building software, which provides you with shortcuts. The former is the cheapest option (in terms of money, not time), but whichever way you choose, never lose sight of what makes a website good (and by that, I mean good enough to make people want to come back).

Advice For Beginners

Start Here: How to Make a Website of Your Own

How to Build a Hobby Website
"Three of my websites are built around my hobbies. They have all become successful, they provide a generous income and they have helped me start a career as a full time webmaster. Here's what I learned in the process."

First-Time Website Creation
"I often get emails from people who ask me to help them create a website of their own. Here are practical tips and advice to help you make a website that anyone and everyone can enjoy, with no exceptions (in other words, a website that is universally accessible)."

Here are practical tips and advice to help you make a website that anyone and everyone can enjoy, with no exceptions (in other words, a website that is universally accessible).

These tips will also help you become a good website builder.

Articles For Professional Webmasters

How to Become a Great Web Site Builder
"If you plan to make websites then this secret will help you create better, more successful and profitable websites than any web design software will."

Why Make A Website Open To Everyone
"Leaving aside the ethical issue, if your own website were functional to everyone, you would attract more people to visit it. This reason alone is beneficial for any type of website, more so to commercial sites. The more people visit your website the more people are likely to become customers."

Visually Impaired Users - How To Help Them
"A fairly large percent of Internet surfers are visually impaired. Whether members of this group are blind, color blind or do not have the vision they once had, it's important that their needs are recognized. The aim of this article is to make website designers aware of how to make websites functional for visually impaired users and the guidelines for creating a universal design solution."

Good Navigation - Reaching The Information Instantly
"Creating good website navigation is one of the most important tasks a website builder has to accomplish. Website navigation is the pathway people take to navigate through websites. It must be well constructed, easy to use and intuitive. "

Liquid Design - A Step Forward To Make Your Website Better
"Liquid design is used in order to make websites more functional and user-friendly. Among the many problems website builders often encounter, one in particular is this functionality issue. The goal of liquid design is providing a similar experience to people and eliminate possibly irritating design flaws such as too much white space, disappearance of parts of information due to lack of space."

Liquid CSS Layouts - Design Alternative to Table Based Websites
"This article is a step by step case study showing you how to transform your table based websites to liquid CSS based layouts."

Improve Functionality While Maintaining Design Attractiveness
"The perception amongst designers and website builders is that improving functionality or designing functional websites is a process that works against visual attractiveness by promoting extreme simplicity. If we look at this issue from the designers' point of view we see that making such a compromise is often something many are not willing to make."

CSS Layouts Vs. Table Layouts
"When developing a website one can choose between creating a CSS-based or TABLE-based website. Both types of layouts have advantages and disadvantages and perform quite differently. This article gives the lowdown on each type of layout."

Code Validation - Does It Really Help Users?
"Using standard HTML code ensures that the website is written using the correct syntax. This in an article on whether correct HTML language makes websites more appealing to visitors."

Bobby WorldWide Web Tool - How Functional Is Your Web Site?
"Because it covers all existing guidelines, Bobby can identify and report problems which are ultimately easy to fix but often overlooked. Website designers and builders will find that by thoroughly going through the report and making minor changes to their website, its functionality is improved significantly."

Flash - New Technology That Slows Down Users
"In recent years the web appears to have become trendier and more multimedia oriented. While in some domains the new technologies work and prove successful in most cases they don't help users, on the contrary, they make browsing the Internet more difficult and time consuming."

Attention, your accessibility efforts will amount to nothing if your webhost is not up and running at any and all times. You need reliable website hosting for your personal or business site before you can call it accessible. Remember that price is often just one of the criteria to consider. Choose the most suitable web hosting by considering things like bandwidth, available resources, control panel features, support, etc.